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Labour inspection shall be

a) supervision over observance of

1. labour-law provisions governing labour-law relations in particular their establishing, change and termination, wage conditions and working conditions of employees inclusive of working conditions for women, adolescents, home working employees, persons with disability and person under the age of fifteen and collective bargainin,

2. legal provisions regulating civil service,

3. legal provisions and other provisions for securing occupational safety and health protection, including the provisions which govern factors of the working environment,

4. legal provisions governing prohibition of illegal work and illegal employment,

5. obligations arising from collective agreements,

6. special regulation in the scope of the employer’s duty to sign an employment contract and pay and levy contributions for supplementary pension saving for employee performing work classified in categories 3 and 4 by a health protection authority, and for employee working as a dance master or musician playing a wind instrument,

7. special regulation regulating an employer’s internal system of dealing with complaints,

b) deducing accountability for violation of provisions referred to letter (a) and for violation of obligations arising from collective agreements,

c) provision of free consultations to employers, natural persons who are entrepreneurs and are not employers, and to employees within the extent of elementary professional knowledge and advice concerning methods how to observe regulations stipulated in letter a) in the most effective way.