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The employee shall be entitled to wage compensation for difficult work performance in the performance of work activities referred to in paragraph 2, if these work activities have been classified by the competent public health authority in category 3 or 4 according to a special regulation, and in their performance organisational and specific protective and preventive measures according to special regulations requires the employee to use personal protective equipment to reduce the health risk.

Work activities in which the employee is entitled to pay compensation pursuant to paragraph 1 are activities in the environment in which they operate

a) chemical factors,

b) carcinogenic and mutagenic factors,

c) biological factors,

d) dust,

e) physical factors (eg noise, vibration, ionizing radiation).

For each hour of work under paragraph 1, the employee shall be entitled to wage compensation for the aggravated performance of at least 20% of the minimum wage in euros per hour according to a special regulation.

Wage compensation may also be provided in the event of other effects which make the employee’s job more difficult or negatively affect the employee, or in the event of a lower intensity of the work environment factors referred to in paragraph 2.

When agreeing on wage compensation for difficult work under paragraph 4, paragraph 3 shall not apply.