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Minimum wage claims

Minimum wage claims If employee remuneration is not set by a collective agreement, the employer must pay employees at least the minimum wage set for the degree of work difficulty (hereinafter only “the degree”) of the relevant job. Minimum wage ...čítať ďalej

Minimum wage

Minimum wage is set by the Regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic always to 1st January of the pertinent calendar year. For 2021, the minimum wage is set at EUR 3.580 per hour or, as applicable, EUR 623 ...čítať ďalej

Collective agreements

Collective agreements The collective agreement is a result of collective bargaining. It regulates relations between an employer and employees or an employer and trade unions. The collective agreement of higher degree is concluded for a higher number of employers; between ...čítať ďalej

Notification obligation

Notification obligation  Hosting employer, posting his/her workers to the territory of Slovak republic to perform works at provision of services, is in terms of the  § 4 par. 1 of the act No. 351/2015 Coll. obliged to notify the National ...čítať ďalej

Social insurance

Social insurance When an employee is posted by their employer to work temporarily in another EU country on his behalf for a maximum period of 24 months, the employer can apply to issue PD A1 form. The A1 form certifies ...čítať ďalej

Work permit

Work permit  A third country national has the same rights to the use of employment services as any citizen of the Slovak Republic if: - they have been granted a work permit and a temporary residence permit for employment purposes, - they are holders ...čítať ďalej

Obligation of host employer

Obligation of host employer Employer is obliged: a) to retain an employment contract or other document confirming the employment relationship with the posted employee, b) to maintain and keep records of the posted employee's working time to the extent specified ...čítať ďalej

Contact person

Contact person Contact person is a person designated to obtain documents or writing from the labour inspectorate as a responsible representative of the host employer. The contact person must be present on the territory of the Slovak republic during the ...čítať ďalej

Breaks at work

Breaks at work An employer shall be obliged to provide an employee whose work shift is longer than six hours with a break for rest and eating for duration of 30 minutes. An employer shall be obliged to provide an ...čítať ďalej