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Minimum wage is set by the Regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic always to 1st January of the pertinent calendar year.

For 2021, the minimum wage is set at EUR 3.580 per hour or, as applicable, EUR 623 per month.

Calendar year  Min. monthly wage Min. hourly wage
2020 580 € 3,333 €
2019 520 € 2,989 €
2018 480 € 2,759 €
2017 435 € 2,50 €
2016 405 € 2,328 €
2015 380 € 2,184 €
2014 352 € 2,023 €


A wage is a financial settlement or settlement of a financial value (wages in-kind), provided by an employer to an employee for work.

The following items are not considered to be wages in particularly: wage compensation, severance allowances, discharge benefit, travel reimbursement including non-mandatory travel reimbursement, contributions from a social fund, contributions to supplementary pension saving funds, contributions to an employee’s life insurance, revenues from capital holdings (shares) or bonds, a tax bonus, income compensation for an employee’s temporary incapacity for work, supplementary sickness insurance, compensation for work standby, monetary compensation and other payments provided to an employee in relation to employment, other relevant regulations, a collective agreement or an employment agreement which do not have the characteristics of wages. No other settlement provided by an employer to an employee from profit after tax is also considered to be a wage.