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Equal treatment of men and women and prohibition of discrimination

Women and men shall have the right to equal treatment with regard to access to employment, remuneration and promotion, vocational training, and working conditions. For women working conditions shall be secured that enable them participation at work with regard to their physiological preconditions and with regard to their social function in maternity and for women and men, working conditions shall be secured that will enable them to perform their social function in upbringing of children and children care. In accordance with the principle of equal treatment in labour-law relations, discrimination shall be prohibited on the grounds of sex, marital and family status, sexual orientation, race, colour of skin, language, age, unfavourable health state or health disability, genetic traits, belief or religion, political or other conviction, trade union activity, national or social origin, national or ethic group affiliation, property, lineage or other status or due to reporting of the criminality or other anti-social activity.

Principle of equal treatment is exercised mainly in the areas:

– access to employment, profession, other gainful activity or function including requirements at taking on and conditions and ways of selection for employment,

– performance of employment and conditions of performance of wrok including remuneration, promotion and redundancies,

– access to vocational training, futher vocational training and participation in programmes of active measures on the labour market including access to councelling for selection of employment and change of employment or

– membership of functioning in organisation of employees, organisation of employers and in organisations merging persons of certain professions including providing advantages which these organisations provide for their members.

An employee, who assumes that his/her rights or interests protected by law were aggrieved by failure to comply with the principle of equal treatment may have recourse to a court and claim of legal protection. An employee shall have the right to submit a complaint to the employer in connection with the infringement of rights and obligations. The employer shall be obliged to respond to such a complaint without undue delay, perform retrieval, abstain from such conduct and eliminate the consequences thereof.