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For work on Sundays, in addition to the wage earned for each hour of work on Saturday, the employee is entitled to a wage discount of at least 100% of the minimum wage in euros per hour according to a special regulation.

For an employer who, due to the nature of the work or the conditions of operation, the work is required to be regularly performed on a Sunday, a lower amount of the wage advantage may be agreed than under paragraph 1, but at least 90% of the minimum wage in euros per hour according to a special regulation, in

a) collective agreement,

b) employment contract in the case of a non-union employer who employed less than 20 employees on 31 December of the previous calendar year.

For night shift workplaces, for the purposes of paragraphs 1 and 2, the Sunday shall begin with the hour corresponding to the onset of the shift, which shall begin as the first morning shift in the working week and shall end 24 hours after the start of the shift.

It is possible to agree on a salary with the manager in the employment contract, taking into account any work on Sunday. If an agreement is reached in accordance with the first sentence, the manager shall not be entitled to the wage advantage provided for in paragraphs 1 and 2.