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Protection of rights of hosting employees

Protection of rights of hosting employees A hosting employee who considers that his or her rights or legitimate interests are affected by non-compliance with the conditions of posting to the territory of the Slovak Republic may file a complaint directly ...čítať ďalej

Overtime rates

Overtime rates An employee shall be entitled to wages earned and a wage surcharge equal to at least 25% of his/her average earnings for the performance of overtime work. An employee shall be entitled to wages earned and a wage ...čítať ďalej

Minimum wage claims

Minimum wage claims If employee remuneration is not set by collective agreement, the employer must pay employees at least the minimum wage set for the degree of work difficulty (hereinafter only “the degree”) of the relevant job. Minimum wage is ...čítať ďalej

Minimum wage

Minimum wage is set by the Regulation of the Government of the Slovak Republic always to 1st January of the pertinent calendar year. Calendar year  Min. monthly wage Min. hourly wage 2020 580 € 3,333 € 2019 520 € 2,989 ...čítať ďalej

Collective agreements

Collective agreements Collective agreement is a result of collective bargaining. It regulates relations between an employer and employees or an employer and trade unions. Collective agreement of higher degree is concluded for higher number of employers; between union of employers ...čítať ďalej

Travell allowances

Allowances The employee posted to other Member State to perform services shall be entitled to travel allowances according to Act 283/2002 Coll.:     reimbursement of proven travel expenses,     reimbursement of proven lodging expenses,     reimbursement of ...čítať ďalej

Paid holiday

Paid holiday An employee shall have the right to three types of paid holidays: a) paid holiday pertaining to a calendar year or a proportionate part thereof, b) paid holiday for days worked, c) supplementary paid holiday.   a) Annual ...čítať ďalej

Working conditions of temporary agency workers

Working conditions of temporary agency workers The employer or the agency for temporary employing in accordance with separate regulation may agree in writing with an employee in an employment relationship on assignation him/her temporarily to perform work to another legal ...čítať ďalej

Subcontracting liability

Subcontracting liability A hosting employee whom a hosting employer upon posting has not provided the wage payable under the hard core condition or part of the wage, has the right to claim their payment to a natural person or a ...čítať ďalej

Administrative offences and penalties

Administrative offences and penalties Sanctions are a tool for enforcing law enforcement in practice. Sanctions for labour inspections are: - prohibitions, - withdrawal of authorization, - removal of the certificate and the license, - imposing a financial penalty. Labour inspectorates ...čítať ďalej