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Overtime work

Overtime work Overtime work is work performed by an employee by order of the employer or with their consent, beyond the determined weekly working time arising from the predetermined distribution of working time, and performed outside the scope of the ...čítať ďalej

Working time documentation

Working time documentation The employer is obliged to keep records of working time, overtime, night work, active part and inactive part of the employee's working time so that the commencement and the end of the time period in which the ...čítať ďalej

Labour law legislation

Act on cross-border co-operation in the posting of workers Act on ilicit work and ilicit employment Act on labour inspection Act on OSH Labour code

Undeclared work liability

Undeclared work liability The term "undeclared work" is not defined in Slovak legislation. The most relevant legal reference is provided by the Act on illicit work and illicit employment (Act No. 82/2005 Coll.). The law defines illicit work as dependent ...čítať ďalej

Asserting claims

Asserting claims A hosting employee who considers that his or her rights or legitimate interests are affected by non-compliance with the conditions of posting to the territory of the Slovak Republic may file a complaint directly or through employee representatives ...čítať ďalej

Liaison office

Liaison office As the Posting of Workers Directive requires EU countries to cooperate and share information, national liaison offices and authorities have been set up in each country. They monitor the terms and conditions of employment. They are contact points for:  authorities from other Member States, ...čítať ďalej

Useful links

Useful links The Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Slovak Republic is responsible for employment support, social care and functioning of the pension scheme. It is an important state administration body for the social-legal protection of children ...čítať ďalej

Social partners

Social partners Confederation of Trade Unions The National Union of Employers (NUE) is the biggest employers organization in Slovakia, which associates two thirds of employers producing 70 percent of GDP and 80 percent of the Slovak export. The NUE ...čítať ďalej